Sunday, June 5, 2011

Tough Guy Terrified - How to Swear in Arabic?

I always love it when I see big guys acting tough, only to turn into complete bumbling babies when the going gets tough :)

This video shows a couple of guys speaking in Arabic while taking a car on a test drive - 'drifting' style. Obviously the passenger has boasted before about his driving prowess, so the driver here seems to get a perverse pleasure in scaring the living cr*p out of him.

For those who dont understand Arabic... The dialogue goes something like this:

Driver: So as you told me, you have alot of cars and you drift alot. So it is normal for you, right?

Terrified Guy: Yeh, of course!!

The terrified big guy tries his best to keep his emotions in check, but once the drifting becomes intense, he just can't handle it, and starts literally 'whimpering'... I love it!!

Maybe he's really asking his mate whether or not he brought spare underwear with him??

I'd actually be more worried about whether or not there's something in the car for him to throw up in - he looks extremely white in the face (or maybe 'green around the gills').

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