Monday, June 6, 2011

My New Boat - Concept Soon To Become Reality

OK - so it's really just my 'dream boat' - and truth is, it's not even built yet.

Actually, it's not just any boat either - the luxury 125-metre 'Voronoi' yacht is in the concept stage, but is soon set to become a reality.

It is designed to with an intricate lattice exterior and extravagant facilities. Among the many features, are a sky lounge, hot tubs, a swimming pool and golfing green.

If this isn't enough, it will also come with a bar, gallery, garden and dining room.

The luxurious design is the brain-child of one Kim Hyun-Seok, a Korean yacht enthusiast. He named it after the 'Voronoi Pattern' - for those scholars amongst us, this is a random geometric spacing created by Russian mathematician Georgy Voronoi.

According to Mr Hyun-Seok, "The Voronoi pattern is a special method of removing unwanted blocks of solid space, letting you create the most robust structures while using the minimum amount of material"

The inspiration for the unique design came from dragonfly wings.

In case you're wondering where you've heard Mr Hyun-Seok's name, he also walked away with first prize in the 2011 "Dreamboat Millennium Yacht Design" award for the "Tofi Trimaran" -a yacht shaped like a spaceship (I've included a couple of images of this bizarre craft at the end of this article - scroll down).

Here's the vision of my "new (dream) boat":

As promised, below is Mr Hyun-Seok's "Tofi Trimaran" - first prize in the 2011 "Dreamboat Millennium Yacht Design":

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