Sunday, May 29, 2011

HANGOVER PART II - A Sinister Dark Secret Lurks

Personally, I can't wait to check out the latest instalment of the hilarious Wolf Pack! - HANGOVER PART II

Having said that, while the movie's release is kicking it at the box office, there has been a particluarly dark shadow looming, which has been seemingly hidden somewhat from the public view.

I'm not talking about the well-publicized legal battle over Mike Tyson's tattoo, who's designer has brought a copyright lawsuit against Warner Bros... In fact, the actions of the movie-making giant are much more sinister in my mind.

Famous Australian stuntman, Scott McLean, suffered a brain injury on the set last December while doubling for the actor Ed Helms. At this stage, it is unknown whether McLean will ever be able to work again.

There are a number of trailers floating around, and I've opted to include the version here on my blog, that does not show disrespect to the family of the injured stuntman.

However, in another version, Scott McLean can be seen where Helms's character sticks his head out of a car window in a chase through the streets of Bangkok - just a split second before he is hit by a truck.

Unfortunately, during the filming of this scene, the car that was meant to swerve away from the truck at the last minute, failed to do so.

According to McLean's sister-in-law, "To have that scene used in the preview is a real kick in the face to all those who know Scott. It is sickening to watch, as we all know what happens next".

Scott McLean has appeared as a stuntman in other movies, such as The Matrix, Superman and Star Wars. He was in a coma for weeks after the accident in December last year, and there was even concern that he may never walk or talk again.

The official trailer follows:

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