Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Planking For The Girls - "Hellooo Laaadies!!"

Maybe it's just me... but I just cannot see what all the hype is over 'Planking' - and considering the recent demise of the guy who fell to his death in Australia, perhaps I'm correct in thinking that it might just be a hobby for those lacking common-sense or those with no other prospects in this big wide world.

Anyway, like I said - maybe that's just me!!

I digress - This one's actually for the ladies. It may not have been widely reported here in Asia, but certainly the 'planking' carried out by none other than 'Spuddy' Carville last Saturday was the talk of the media down-under on Sunday.

His real name, is Simon Carville and he is 25-year old bachelor (go figure?) and an office manager from suburban Perth. It's his hope that his stunt will make him popular with the ladies... well, not meaning to disrespect him in anyway, but with his appearance (1980s heavy-metal style hair and all) I reckon he needs all the help he can get!

Here's the planking stunt - Spuddy walked out in chest deep water to the famous 'Eliza' statue in the Swan River, then "used her ankles to lift himself up her 'smooth, slippery' body and into her arms".

Spuddy explained, "I sat up there for about two minutes, trying to figure out how to get naked while I was up there and told my photographer to get ready, because I didn't want to be naked for too long... I managed to kick my board shorts off into the river and got into position, waiting for my friend to tell me when the photos were taken... Then I leapt from the statue into the river, grabbed my clothes and got back into them before climbing back up the bank."

Spuddy continued on, "Everyone is telling me it's the best plank they've ever seen... My housemates are telling me how proud they are to live with a celebrity."

So there you go ladies!! Does this turn Spuddy into 'THE SPUDSTER' and invoke in you, feelings of absolute desire??

More images of the human race's 'higher intelligence' - Planking Around The World!:

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