Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Flight Attendant Loses It - Got A Better Quitting Story?

We've all thought about it at one time or another - what would be the best and most dramatic way to quit your job? Would it be to humiliate your boss in front of co-workers? Would it be to walk in to the office one day and proudly announce that you were the winner of a 10 million dollar lottery? Have you got any great 'quitting' stories, I'd absolutely love to hear them!

Well, what about actually just getting so stressed out that you completely 'lose it', make a public spectacle of yourself and shout obscenities at all of your customers and colleagues (and after having broken the law in the process, drive home in your Jeep Wrangler, ala O.J. Simpson style)?

This is exactly what happened with 39-year old Steven Slater, an (ex) flight attendant with JetBlue, who lost the plot after his plane landed at JFK airport in New York.

According to eyewitness accounts, the incident was sparked by a dispute with one of those very annoying passengers who always insist on removing their seatbelt and standing to access their luggage in the overhead compartment before the seatblet signs have been switched off (there's one in every crowd - thinking they can somehow beat the queue of people to leave the plane). Apparently Mr Slater told the errant passenger that she was not allowed to remove the baggage from the overhead compartment - the passenger replied with the first obscenity: "F&*$ Off!", and continuing with her recalcitrant ways, went ahead and opened the compartment anyway, accidentally hitting Mr Slater in the head in the process.

This was enough for our poor stressed out flight attendant - as the plane finished taxiing to the terminal, Mr Slater picked up the microphone for the public-address system and responded to the offending passenger (to the shock of co-workers and all the other commuters) in like... "To the f---ing assh--e that told me to f--- off, it’s been a good 28 years!"

Wait on... 28 years? He started working at 11 years of age? - he really must have lost it!

But the quitting story doesn't end here - the seemingly madman then picked up two beers from the galley, and in true James Bond style, opened the door and pressed the lever for the emergency inflatable chute and slid down (without spilling a drop of beer)!!

Now that is a quitting story that he'll be telling his Grandkids about for years to come (once he gets out of jail) - after driving hiw Wrangler all the way home, Mr Slater was arrested by Port Authority police on charges of "criminal mischief and criminal trespass".

Only two charges? What about stealing the two beers??

If you've got a 'quitting' story to rival this, please let me know - seriously!

Read More at the New York Post

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