Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Crazed Chicken Lover - This Video Is An Absolute "Nugget"

I sort of sympathize with the frustration... I've craved a bacon and egg muffin before, only to discover that I arrived five minutes too late and breakfast was no longer being served. But things got very ugly in Toleda, Ohio when one lady couldn't order chicken nuggets while only the breakfast menu was being served... one thing is certain - 25-year old Melodi Dushane needs some serious anger management therapy.

So desperate for her nuggets was Ms Dushane, that she got out of her car and attacked the poor girl working the drive through counter, punching her in the mouth before smashing the window and screeching off in her car.

Police soon arrested the Chicken Lover and charged her with vandalism... and like any good law enforcement department in the US, they released the surveillance video to the public (presumably for posting on the internet as the latest viral shame campaign for Ms Dushane).

Call my sense of humour crazy or warped - but this completely cracks me up... there's a saying for it in many different cultures and languages (in Chinese it's 幸灾乐祸), but in essence, it's just making fun of someone else's misfortunes.

All credit to the editor who posted this video to YouTube and added some very appropriate and cool music - the original footage unfortunately had no sound.

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Morgana said...


File this under "mad cow" disease.

Or could it be true that the reason we American's like McDs so much is there is something addictive in it? (lol)

She looked like she was making some rap moves at one point to the music. P.S. I don't think you can publically humiliate someone like that, she probably still feels wronged.