Thursday, August 12, 2010

Child Corpse on Roadside - Scarier than a 'Hungry Ghost'?

* To see the dead body, click here, zoom in, hit 'Street View' and pan right.

People living in Middle Road, Worcester (western England) thought it was real enough, and were so distraught and panicked that they called the local police to the scene... the corpse of a young girl dumped on the footpath.

Following the alarm being raised, a local resident has come forward and has embarrassingly admitted that her nine-year-old daughter and her friend were behind the prank. When they heard that the Google Maps Street View car was driving down their street, they thought it would be a fun idea. The Google car took the picture last summer.

When asked about the incident, Google's spokesperson said that she was "unable comment on individual images but... people could remove pictures with which they were unhappy. The imagery in Street View represents a snapshot in time of Britain’s streets and is no different to what anyone might expect to see for themselves around the country... Sometimes that means our cars inadvertently capture odd or inappropriate moments as they drive past... This is why we have put in place tools so that if people see what they believe to be inappropriate, they can report them to us using the simple reporting tool and the images will be quickly removed or further blurring applied."

I'm thinking that if someone noticed an image on Google Maps Street View like this one, it could well be thought to be a 'Hungry Ghost' by the locals.
* To see the dead body, click here, zoom in, hit Street View and pan right.

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