Sunday, January 17, 2010

Moving On - An Emotional Farewell

Today I have mixed emotions as I finish up with the MNC I currently work for, to move to another, thereby taking a huge step forward in advancing my career... one very interesting thing is that for the next 7-days I will be officially "unemployed" - Wow!! I cannot remember the last time where I was not synching email to my smart phone at all hours of the day and night!! So, this week will be very testing on me - I fear I may go completely stir crazy actually.

Anyway, I have much to be thankful for. Below is an extract from my farewell email to colleagues - I have edited the obvious (in red) to retain some (albeit minimum) level of privacy :D


When first thinking about how to compose this email, I had the dreaded "writers' block". So as the date of my departure from xxxxx grew nearer, I decided some deep reflection was needed.

For those of my colleagues who have taken part in any of the xxxxx University classes to which I've lectured, you would already know that I have on many occassions exchanged views and tips on how to manage change - both at a personal and professional level... I have even facilitated a workshop for the Malaysian Ministry of Finance on change-management. So, how contradictory it feels for me to admit the anxiety that comes with the latest decision to advance my career outside of xxxxx.


"They must often change, who would be constant in happiness or wisdom"


At the end of 2006, my wife and I made the life-changing decision to relocate to Singapore. For almost 6-months, I lived through a huge degree of 'culture shock'. It was not long after that we began to completely integrate into local life, and the friendships we have made will be life-lasting. My Singaporean friends have opened their hearts, their lives and even their homes to us. For this, I will be eternally grateful!! I'm sure our baby boy will never forget that he was born in Singapore, regardless of his nationality.

The culture at xxxxx remains very strong, and in Asia I have crossed many boundaries not limited to physical borders.I have so many people to thank for the opportunities I've had in xxxxx. So many so that it would be impossible for me to list them all now, for fear that I would forget to include one or more people. The mentorship, guidance, support, professionalism and of course 'mateship' of these people will never be forgotten, and I am sure each and everyone of you knows who you are and how you've made a difference to mine and my family's life.

As I 'move on', we will be remaining in Singapore (although I will now be working in the 'big smoke', as opposed to the 'heartlands' where we will continue to live). The only downfall of this, is not knowing the best way to manage the weight-gain... the food is just too good in Singapore!

Thank you again to everyone for all you have done for me - and the friendships and mateship will continue to live on. I will retain the same cell phone number (+65 xxxx xxxx) and can be reached electronically through my personal email address - pete@xxxxxxxxx.com

Kindest regards,



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