Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Case Of Mistaken Identity

No, I'm not talking about the mistake people so commonly make of confusing me with Brad Pitt!!
(*Disclaimer: that's a joke for my wife - Brad wishes he was as handsome as me*)

On Friday, I received an email from a mate to alert me to something quite interesting. Shortly afterwards, my 'Google Alerts' for the phrase "Aussie Pete" sent me the same article (numerous times).

Given that there are many Australians named Peter, it doesn't surprise me that my online identity is mistaken with (and in some cases even copied by) other people.

Let me hereby stress however, that the "Aussie Pete" that is being written and reported about in the British Press over the last few days is absolutely no relation or affiliate of me or my blog.

I write this in jest really... of course while living in Singapore, I could not also be in Nottingham in the UK committing serious crime!!

I am a little disappointed with the moniker that has been applied to 41 year-old suspect Peter Christian Brown. I'm hoping that it is only the nottingham.co.uk website that is giving him the name :(

According to the news website, "Detectives were yesterday continuing to question Peter Christian Brown, 41, also known as 'Aussie Pete', over the two deaths."

You can read the full story here:

Murder squad detectives bail 26-year-old man


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