Thursday, January 28, 2010

Singapore's Snow City - And One Geographically Challenged Tourist

A mate of mine recently arrived in Singapore on his first trip here. He will remain un-named for fear of other people (besides me) ridiculing him.

Over a couple of beers, he asked for my recommendation on a few places to take the kids for fun while they were here. Along with the 'usual' tourist attractions, I mentioned that just a few weeks ago I took my son and wife to 'Snow City'. I explained that although it's not big, it makes for a pleasant diversion from the humidity that he was struggling with somewhat, and that the kids would love to have a few rides on the inner-tubes down the snow slope. I also showed him a few of the photos we took while we were there.

When he asked me where it was located, I explained that it was on the western side of Singapore right next to the Science Centre.

The following day, my geographically-challenged mate called me up. He said that he had been searching all through Google Maps and other topography charts online to find 'Snow City' - he said that not only could he find anywhere there was snow in Singapore, and furthermore he couldn't find any large mountain peaks whatsoever, so could I possibly give him exact directions to take his rental car and the family to the snow covered peaks in Singapore.

After establishing he was completely genuine and not having a lend of me, I proceeded to give him a very quick lesson on equatorial climate, and explained that Snow City is a man-made indoor attraction. I also told him to be sure to also take the kids next door to the science centre for a very unique experience.

He seemed a little embarrassed, and said, "oh, I didn't really think there would be snow in Singapore, but wasn't really too sure"... I give him full marks for bringing me some of the best belly laughs that I've had for a while!!


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