Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Coming Of Age – Who’s Turning 30 This Year?

It happens to the best of us, but some of our 'favourite young people' often seem ageless. How can they be turning 30? Some of these folk I remember as 'child stars' - maybe it's time for me to face a few realities... hmmm... all these stars will(or already have) be turning 30 years old this year.

Commentary courtesy of News.com.au

1. Benji Madden ... Good Charlotte rocker Benji Madden makes the leap into his 30s today, and says he's "excited' about it. "The 20s for me, I did a lot of learning," he told Who. "I was kind of a late bloomer." / Reuters

2. Joel Madden ... and surprisingly enough, twin brother Joel turns 30 on the same day. Joel was born five minutes after Benji, but Benji still feels like the big brother.

"I feel older - I'm the more responsible one," he told People in 2004 / AP

3. Mena Suvari ... this Hollywood minx turned 30 on February 9 / AP

4. Jesse Spencer ... The star of the hit show House turned 30 on February 12 and has come a long way since playing Billy Kennedy on Neighbours back in the mid-90s. / Reuters

5. Ziyi Zhang ... The Rush Hour 2 star, who turned 30 on February 9, says she has learnt a lot as she approaches the milestone. She told Time Asia: "When I was young I sometimes felt lonely. But now that I'm older I recognize that what's most important is having value as a person. That means being able to make other people happy and bring them joy." / AP

6. Brandy ... The pop singer celebrated her 30th birthday on February 11 / Reuters

7. Jennifer Love-Hewitt ... Jennifer celebrated her 30th on February 21, and, in keeping with an Audrey Hepburn theme, took her close family and friends to Tiffany's in Beverley Hills / Reuters

8. Pete Doherty ... Pete will turn 30 on March 12. In an interview with NME Radio, Pete said he wanted "a bucket of water in the face" for his birthday / AFP

9. Chris Klein ... The American Pie star turns 30 on March 14 and says he's never felt more creative. He told Moviehole: "I think a lot of that has to do with life experience. I think a lot of that has to do with turning 30, and the magic that is turning 30, that everybody talks about." / AP

10. Claire Danes ... Claire turns 30 on April 12 and says that she's not worried about becoming one of the older women of Hollywood. She told femail.com.au: "Well I can't concern too much with that because again I don't have too much control." / AP

11. Kate Hudson ... Goldie Hawn's daughter celebrates her 30th birthday on April 19 and says she's excited about the milestone / AP

12. Daniel Johns ... The Silverchair frontman turns 30 on April 22 and has come a long way since growing up in Newcastle / Noel Kessell

13. James McAvoy ... Scottish heartthrob James, who won hearts with his star turn in Atonement, leaves his 20s on April 21 / Reuters

14. Rosario Dawson ... Seven Pounds star Rosario Dawson turn 30 on May 9. She says on her official website the thought of turning 30 has put kids on the agenda: "I'm almost twice the age my mother was when she had me."

"No, I want to bring babies into the world because women like my mom and my grandmother, they showed me how great life can be, how rich it can be." / AP

15. Rose Byrne ... the Australian beauty turns 30 on July 24 but she told Marie Claire: "I've already started saying that I'm 30 when I'm still 29. That way, I'm already there." / AP

16. Evangeline Lilly ... Evangeline turns 30 on August 3 and is looking forward to the next stage in life. She told Sky Magazine: "I've always looked forward to my thirties - there's a level of respect a woman gains. Men stop seeing you as a piece of ass and women are like, 'She's going to start sagging like the rest of us, so she's okay!' " / Reuters

17. Pink ... Pink, whose real name is Alecia Moore, will celebrate her birthday on September 8, and hopes it will provide her with more insight into people.

She said: "I am not really angry at the world. I have let a lot more love in. I feel once you are 30, once your Saturn returns, the world puts you right side up again and gives you a pair of glasses so you can see everything clearer." / Reuters

18. Brandon Routh ... The Superman Returns star hits the big 3-0 on October 9 / AP

19. Adam Brody ... Most remember Adam as the youthful Seth from hit TV show, The O.C. but he has now taken to looking older, scruffing it up with a beard. He turns 30 on December 5 / Reuters

20. Sophie Monk ... Aussie babe Sophie hits the big 3-0 on December 14 / Reuters

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