Wednesday, March 11, 2009

NRL Season Kick-Off

It seems that the 2009 rugby league promotion video that I previously embedded has been disabled. So I must add another video to celebrate the kick off of the season proper this weekend.

This is so exciting... I just finished submitting my tips in the 2009 NRL competition for Round 1.

Still not convinced about the toughness of this great game - checkout these 'huge hits' (not for the faint of heart) :p

Here Comes The Boom!!!

Round 1 Draw:

Friday, 13-Mar
Storm $1.36 vs Dragons $3.00
Broncos $1.60 vs Cowboys $2.30

Saturday, 14 March
Warriors $1.36 vs Eels $3.00
Bulldogs $2.50 vs Sea Eagles $1.50
Sharks $1.40 vs Panthers $2.90

Sunday, 15 March
Titans $1.40 vs Knights $2.90
Roosters $1.50 vs Rabbitohs $2.50

Monday, 16 March
Tigers $1.55 vs Raiders $2.40


Anonymous said...

Born in Victoria..........NRL Pete, so sad that JBP brainwashed you:-)

Aussie Pete said...

Hahaha - I'm beside myself with curiosity who this anonymous is that knows my state of birth... :p

It's probably the old age kicking in, but I must admit that it took a few minutes to try and work out who JBP was - I'd forgotten all about the National Party dictator.

Reading this comment again and thinking back quite some years, I think I've got a good idea who this anonymous is now!!!!! :D