Sunday, March 8, 2009

Signs Of An Economic Downturn?

The title of this post, is the same as the title that came into my email inbox with the attached pictures. Pretty amazing photos and data so couldn't resist posting them here.

These are ships lying idle in Singapore harbour.

One of the comments attached to the email from my friend, said "I thought the 20 or so ships I saw sitting off Mackay waiting for coal earlier this year was scary". (NB: For readers that don't know, Mackay is on the coast of Qld, Australia).

Click on an image for a larger size view.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, the pictures do not tell the full story, for the 2 photos taken from the plane show the Eastern Anchorage off East Coast, and boom or bust its always packed with ships. Only difference is that in boom times, the ships are anchored there waiting to enter the busy port and the turnaround is quick and constant. While in bad times they are anchored there, period.

A better gauge is watching the cranes in port to see how many are in use and how often. Many idle cranes is bad news. And also watch the Teletext for the number of air freighter flights being cancelled on the Flight Information pages. I’ve kept track of the latter and it is frightening.