Friday, October 10, 2008

Brainwaves Are Replacing Fingers To Control Your Computer - Unbelievable!

This is just almost too amazing to be believed... and it will probably be good for lazy people like me!! But in all seriousness, this technology is set to open new doors and change the lives of many disabled people.

Willpower is set to replace fast fingers in a new video game in which players move characters through a headset that monitors their brain waves.

California-based NeuroSky showed off the new headset - named Mindset - at the Tokyo Game Show, the industry's biggest exhibition which opened near the Japanese capital today.

The Mindset monitors whether the player is focused or relaxed and accordingly moves the character on a personal computer.

"We brought this to the game show as a new interface, a new platform for game creators," NeuroSky managing director Kikuo Ito said.

Children's games using the system will hit the US market next year, Ito said.

"We are exploring the use of brain waves in the game industry because games are fun and so close to people," he said.

"Once people get used to the idea of using brain waves for various applications, I hope we will see various products using this technology," he said.

In distance learning courses, for example, teachers could monitor whether students were attentive, Ito said.

Train drivers and motorists could use it to judge their stress levels and alertness, Ito said.

Japan's Keio University put similar technology to use this year to let a paralysed man take a virtual stroll on the popular Second Life website, with the machine reading what he wanted to do with his immobile legs.

NeuroSky said the Mindset could help people with other types of disabilities.

"For people with difficulty speaking, this can be a tool for communication," Ito said.

He was hopeful the technology would eventually go on sale outside the United States. Prices have not been announced.



Anonymous said...

WTF!! I gotta get one of them. This is amazing alright.

Brown Sugar said...

A lazy activity just got lazier. Haha.

Anonymous said...

And so begins our evolution towards the intellectual slug.