Saturday, October 11, 2008

Secret to Longer Life - Stay A Virgin

The secret to long-life? - Abstain from sex! Or at least this is the message from Britain's oldest virgin, Clara Meadmore. Clara celebrates her 105th birthday this weekend, and is adamant in saying that no sex is the secret to her long life.

Clara has said that she abstained to concentrate on earning a living. She knew she would remain single from the age of twelve. She has never had sex because she was "too busy" for intimate relationships which seemed like "a lot of hassle".

In the 1920s and 1930s, "sex equalled marriage", and Clara just did not buy into the idea.

When interviewed, she said, "People have asked whether I am a homosexual and the answer is no. I have just never been interested in or fancied having sex. I imagine there is a lot of hassle involved and I have always been busy doing other things. I've never had a boyfriend - I've never been bothered about relationships. When I was a girl you only had sex with your husband and I never married. I've always had lots of platonic friendships with men but never felt the need to go further than that or marry. I made my mind up at the age of 12 never to marry and I've not gone back on that".

By all accounts, Clara was actually a bit of a 'looker' in the 1930s (see picture), and was never short of marriage proposals. Despite numerous "offers", she turned them all down.

She went on to say, "I grew up in an era where little girls were to be seen and not heard so I had to learn to stand up for myself and earn my own living. Some men don't like that in a woman and before long I was too old to marry anyway."

Clara's hobbies over the last century, have included reading, gardening, walking, cooking and listening to Radio 4's Woman's Hour... wow - seems like a lot of fun to me. Hmmmm...

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what the f its like screwing up mothr nature