Thursday, May 7, 2015

Muslims Read Hate Comments - Confronting, Important Message!

There was a very sad incident that occurred here in Tampa Bay last week and was extensively covered on the news - a local Islamic Daycare Center burned down.

Live news footage of the tragic event
News footage of the fire quickly appeared online and shortly thereafter, along with a huge outpouring of concern and sympathy from the general community, a cross section of people exploited the opportunity to offer up their hatred and ignorance through the comments sections of the media coverage.

In response, a Tampa production company, Peace House Productions, decided to shoot a video called "Muslims Read Hate Comments".

I found the video extremely confronting due to the insensitive content of the comments the participants were reading - however I decided to share here on my blog for the very same two reasons that it was produced.

Watch the video:

According to Nicolas Armero, "We want to make entertaining content that spreads, people want to share it but it has a message about injustice, discrimination... My friend Ahmad and I were reading it (Facebook comments) and we were cracking up it was hilarious. As disturbing as it is, these comments are kind of funny because these people are so detracted from reality".

Armero's intentions are clear - using laughter in the hope that the message to make peace comes across.

The video is also promoting the fundraising activity to help rebuild the Daycare facility that suffered US$108,000 of damage.

If you want to help out in the rebuilding effort, please visit: http://istaba.org/index.shtml

Let's all help spread the message of peace!!

Watch Tampa Bay ABC Action News coverage of the story:

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