Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Folks, this is a really cool concept... please note very, very well that I am in no way being paid to promote this site and associated Apps, nor am I operating as any kind of an affiliate. I am simply a 'Newzbidder' myself and I reckon that this is going to really take off in a big way!

We are all taking pictures and videos everyday on our smartphones, so why not become a free member of NewzBid and by using a very sexy (free) App, upload your content in seconds. Then if any of Newzbid's large media partners and subscribers decide they want to use it, you get paid! Simple as that! (and you might even get famous in the process)

Check it out (and download the App) by following this link

For fear of being accused of plagiarism, the following is quoted from their website's 'How it Works' page (watch the video below for more information):

"Become a Newzbidder® by downloading the Newzbid App from the App store (Available in Apple and Android) and registering with the necessary details.

You are now ready to become a Newzbidder® and make some money whilst having fun at the same time. Capture the moment using a photo OR Video... 

Add specific details relevant to what it is you have captured..... 

Select if you are interested in an Exclusive Offer from any interested Media Company Then just Newzbid it......and we take care of the rest.

Newzbid reviews your content as part of the process, at the same time places a value on it, once approved then makes it available to subscribed members, which is almost instantaneous, ensuring the content is .hot off the press..

If a purchase is confirmed and a transaction takes place by one or more Media companies you are notified of this, including the total amount bid for your content, via your Inbox within the Newzbid App. Any negotiations on offers that may involve Exclusivity for your content is done by Newzbid on your behalf."

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