Tuesday, September 11, 2012

It's A Miracle - Dead Man Rises From The River! (Amazing Video)

A man's lifeless body was found floating in a river in the United States.

A forensic team was called in to investigate the drowning, and the Lycoming County Coroner, Charles E. Kiessling Jr. attended in person at the morbid scene.

Authorities spent some time deciding on the best way to retrieve the body, when the unthinkable happened - The "dead" body sat up!!

Check out the video below!!

As was later learned, Joseph DeAngelo was not actually dead or even close to drowning - he had simply fallen asleep while watching the clouds... And he had absolutely no idea of the furore going on around him. The strange thing is that none of the professional forensic team went and checked on him upon their arrival - he was snoozing very close to the shore line.

According to Kiessling Jr., "Let me tell you, it was quite a shock for us... He was bobbing up and down in the water and he really looked like he was dead"

Williamsport Police Captain Michael Orwig, exclaimed "It's a miracle!"

DeAngelo himself said that he had no idea what was going around him until a dragonfly landed on his nose... he simply woke from his slumber and sat up. He apologised for any confusion he might have created, and said he was "living life the best way I know how".

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