Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Cracker in the Clacker? Punishment Enough!

OK - My Mum always told me as a kid not to shove things up my nose...

But this guy's Mum thinks it's funny for her son to put stuff in his backside - the very mature 23-year old was rushed to hospital after setting off a 'cracker in his clacker' (for non-Aussies, that means he put fireworks in his behind and set it alight)!

According to police, Alex Bowden could have been liable for an A$282 fine, but Acting Senior Sergeant Crispin Gargan of the NT police confirmed that no charges would be filed against him, because "We believe he has suffered enough in relation to firecrackers" (I wonder if he said that with a smile on his face?)

Mr Bowden of Wagaman spent several days in hospital after burning both his bum cheeks with what is known as a 'winged spinning "flying bee"'.

Of course, alcohol was involved in the crazy prank and during the party that Mr Bowden was attending, he decided to show some friends from Queensland "a Territory good time".

OK...OK...OK.. Now we've got it!! This happened to a guy from the Northern Territory!! This explains it all... (I'm kind of guessing that the Qlders were maybe a bunch of pranksters and somehow coaxed him to do it out of a dare)

According to Mr Bowden, "And I put one in my a***... I didn't burn my b***s or back... Mum thought it was funny"! (Oh my... how proud Mummy must be)

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