Sunday, May 6, 2012

Scared to Pay Rent? Flash Twice for Yes!... Blame it on the Ghosts

This kind of reminds me of something out of 'The Amityville Horror'. The only difference is the perpetrators of this particular poltergeist scam have more to gain than the ill-fated Lutz family back in 1975.

In fact, the New Jersey family of Josue Chinchilla, his fiancé, Michele Callan, and Callan's two daughters have quite a significant motivation to want to be scared of ghosts - they just don't want to pay their rent.

Not only that - they are suing their landlord for the US$2,250 security deposit that they paid on the rental property in Toms River.

According to the family, they had not even been living in the house for one night when they began feeling that they weren't the only inhabitants.

They reported hearing bizarre sounds, seeing flickering lights, and even alleged to have recorded mysterious voices saying, "Let it burn". (oh, I just gave myself goosebumps thinking about it).

A couple of months ago (March 10), the family of four decided enough was enough - when blankets started inexplicably sliding off beds and Josue felt an invisible hand grip his arm, and Michele saw a "shapeless dark apparition" hanging around - they checked into a hotel. In fact they feared they would be in mortal danger if they remained any longer in the house.

Then came the lawsuit against the landlord, Richard Lopez... how dare he rent them a haunted house!

Mr Lopez is reported as saying that he believes "the couple is really just frightened of having to pay the rent". He is countersuing the couple for breaking their lease.

To support their case, Josue and Michele have saught the 'expert' (ahem) evidence of
the Shore Paranormal Research Society. The society has made their investigation video of the haunted house public. Although they classify the activity as "paranormal", they do not go as far as admitting to "an actual haunting".

Another 'expert' (ahem), Marianne Brigando (NJ Paranormal Investigators) does not readily agree with the society saying that the house is "the site of an active or intelligent haunting". Brigando apparently communicated with the alleged 'presence' using a flashlight... when asked questions, the unseen force would turn the flashlight on and off - two flashes for "yes" and one flash for "no".

Furthermore, Terence Sullivan, the family's pastor is quite certain a "demonic possession" has paid a visit to the home.

As is my usual way - I will leave it to you dear readers, to make up your own mind...

Is the couple really the victims of a demonic possession or haunting? Or do they just want to end the lease early and get their bond back?

Or perhaps (more likely), they are just absolute crackpots seeking attention? - Flash twice for 'Yes'!

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