Monday, November 14, 2011

Russian Dolls - The Fine Line Between Genius And Perversion

Let me ask a quick question - "When you think of the term 'Russian Doll', what first comes to your mind?"

For the young guys, it could maybe inspire images one of those the anorexic looking, but often pretty super-models from the Soviet Union who strut their stuff on the catwalks of Milan:

Or for the older generation - Aunties and Uncles - the first thought might be a set of hand crafted 'Matryoshka' nesting dolls:

Well let me offer up another suggestion, my friends! One that I doubt very few of you envisaged when I posed the question.

A respected historian and journalist, dubbed as a "genius" who can speak 13 languages, 45-year old Anatoly Moskvin gets his kicks by digging up female corpses from graveyards and dressing them up as 'Russian Dolls'

Seriously? I never cease to be amazed by the kind of fetishes that are reported these days... I thought the whole pretty Chinese girls with bunny rabbits satisfying the 'crush fetishists' thing was weird enough - but this one really leaves me gob-smacked!

According to Russian authorities, Moskvin had visited more than 750 cemeteries... he felt so at home there, that he sometimes even slept in coffins.

The 'Russian Doll' horror was exposed by Moskvin's own parents. They were paying him a visit and thought that perhaps something was awry when they stumbled upon their son's bizarre collection of Russian Dolls.

Moskvin is alleged to have dug up bodies from dozens of cemeteries and had transported the sometimes mummified remains of at least 29 women to his apartment in Nizhny Novgorod (about 200km from Moscow).

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