Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Racist Comments Are Hurtful

Yes, they are hurtful - but not so much to me... I've become a little desensitized and maybe even thick skinned. But certain statements are indeed hurtful and even damaging to others and the community in general.

I was going to ignore it, and I even posted on Facebook that I didn't care about a particular comment which came in for moderation today. But after thinking more, I allowed the comment to publish just so that I could focus on the fact that there are still some haters and intolerant people out there - usually, like this particular man or woman, they use the anonymity of the Internet and social network to hide behind and shield their cowardly ways.

The comment I refer to reads 'Whites are filthy monkeys. I spit on them because they deserve it.'... So goodie for you, my cowardly and ignorant little friend! I really do pity you and feel sorry for you.

The good thing, is that most people in this wonderful world are peace loving and caring people - colour, religion or any other differentiators are often put aside for the sake of social harmony. So the haters and racists become the minority - ironic, isn't it, when often it's other minorities towards which they vent their ignorance.

So, enough said. I didn't delete the comment... Let this drop-kick carry on, and one day if he or she decides to gather the courage to expose their views publically, they might find themselves facing the wrath of the majority!!

Peace and harmony to all!!

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