Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Incredible India - In Hilarious Pictures

I often get emails and suggestions from friends and readers offering content for my blog, but more often than not I don't feel the same inspiration that the sender did when they made the sugggestion.

In today's case, things were quite different. I received an email from one of my colleagues who thought I might get a kick out of the following pictures... and that I did, my friends. Actually, I found myself laughing out loud - literally.

Now, we all could share funny photographs from any one particular country - just take for example a screaming, neurotic fan at an AFL match in Melbourne - by other countries' standards, the image would most probably be considered amazing and even funny.

The following images are from the culturally rich and colourful country that is 'Incredible India' - you may just find some of the pictures quite 'incredible' - I know I certainly did.

So - sit back... scroll down... and enjoy!!

(No commentary or captions required)

1 comment:

--andy-- said...

I was trying to control my laughter. Loved the improvised-life-jacket and bicycle-lock-flipflop wahaha !