Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Exclusive Preview of the iPhone 5... Or Is It??

With a backlog of articles to write after a short break from blogging, here's a video that I've been meaning to feature for some time...

An exclusive preview of the iPhone 5... Or is it??

Millions of people have watched the original of this video on YouTube, and by all accounts many of them have actually thought the features are for real.

The video is titled "iPhone 5 Concept Features" and was created by a three-person start-up in San Francisco specialising in visual effects and 3D animation, known as Aatma Studio's.

Prashanth Shantharam from Aatma said, "A lot of people say it's fake — but we clearly mention that it's a concept phone... (Other people) think this could be the real life phone, and they're sort of debating whether it is real or fake... We're pretty sure that the iPhone 5 which will come out in October will not have all these features... But this is something that we want to see in the future of any smartphone really — not just the iPhone"

Mr Shantharam went on to say that although the features in his studio's video might look futuristic, they were actually feasible... "I'm not sure about the timeframe, but it's definitely in the realm of possibility... The laser keyboards have been used before. Even IBM did this back in 1992, but it hasn't gone mainstream and mass-market... It's in the realms of possibility though. It's up to the companies to incorporate and innovate and try to include these on their smartphones"

The concept iPhone features a finger-nail thin handset, laser keyboard and holographic projection — I could only wish such features are going to be available with the real-life iPhone 5. :)

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