Monday, November 8, 2010

Warning, Graphic Images - Not Afraid To Go Topless!

OK - you've read the warning, but you still decided to click through... let me prepare you - although this is not the official 'before and after', to really be able to show-off my transformation with Urban Homme, I have to reluctantly, and quite shamefully, post an image (taken from my 'before' video profile just a few weeks ago) - it hurts me so much to do so - how did I ever let myself get like this over recent years? *tsk tsk* - I can blame the wonderful food in Singapore, but that would just be self-deceptive. It's all about poor eating habits, lack of exercise and in general not treating my body like the temple it should be... and of course, I had never had Urban Homme in my life before!! Only now can I feel pride in being able to remove my shirt and go topless for all to see - how remarkably liberating!!

Get ready... the 'before' was mere weeks ago (snapshot from our first video at Urban Homme - hold back the shock and horror), the 'after' was just this evening after a very satisfying workout at Fitness First... the light doesn't really do the picture justice, because not all the shadows and lines which I've worked so hard to achieve (with Jacky's brilliant help) on my tummy are very clearly visible. But I'm sure you can see the clear difference in weight and overall definition before and after! (Today's weigh-in - 83.3kg - is 11.5kg lighter than my first Urban Homme audition).

The secrets to success:

1. Count the calories!! - Thanks to Vince at Urban Homme, I received very clear direction on how many calories to take in - not only did he provide me with a very nutritious and healthy diet, he gave some very prudent advice on how to ensure that I keep the the calorie count where it should be, even if I don't eat everything day-to-day as spelled out in the schedule... my maximum intake each day is just 1,000 - 1,200 (remember before I was just drinking almost 3,000 calories a day - before I even started eating).

With Urban Homme's assistance, I eat and drink well each day, do not go hungry, and still manage to satisfy the taste buds at the same time...

2. Exercise Regularly!! - Once again, under expert instruction from Vince, my extra homework has been to continue my gym workouts both in preparation for each coming treatment session, as well as to maintain and improve on the body sculpting work - you see, it's not just about losing the weight, it's also about increasing muscle and definition (converting fat to muscle) and thereby reducing my overall body fat percentage.

Body-builder I certainly am not, but as you can see in the picture below, my arms have actually increased in size, but at the same time I've pretty much completely lost any 'flabiness' that used to sit on the back of my triceps (thanks to the cold wraps at Urban Homme and the huge weights I'm now pressing)... this has helped me build so much confidence.

3. Most Importantly - Urban Homme Body Sculpting Treatments!! - We've spoken about them here often... G5, G9, WF, Cold Wrap, Body Detox, LPG, etc, etc... when I started the treatments, my tummy fat (especially) was 'rock hard'... from the treatments, the fat that is left is soft and much more easily broken down and/or converted to muscle. The missing 'mountain' when I lay down has upset my 3yo somewhat because he can no longer use my stomach as a human slippery slide :)

I would never have dreamed of putting a 'topless' photo of myself on my blog, but now I feel no fear nor do I feel self-concsious about it... for those of my readers who remember the infamous media bathtub race at the Hong Kong Dragon Boat festival, in which the bathtub being paddled by myself (as winner of the 2010 Singapore OMY blog awards) and Ang Geck Geck (winner of the 2010 OMY Singapore Modelling Blog), the common belief published across various media platforms was that the problem was with our mismatched body weight - in fact, I was even referred to on Singapore radio as being '3 times' the size of my fellow paddler... I reckon now next year (if we're lucky enough to do it again), we might actually have a shot at not just staying afloat but also of winning the race!! Bring it on!!



geck said...

i hear you calling my name!

Grace Ng said...

congratulations Mr personality!!!!!