Saturday, November 6, 2010

Delusions Of Grandeur - I'm A Fashion Model?

This week just gone by has been quite intense, with an absolute 'marathon' of treatments at Urban Homme on Wednesday night, the photo shoot at 'The Studio' on Wednesday afternoon, followed by a shorter but very effective body sculpting session back at the Cocoon on Friday (which happened to be a public holiday for Deepavali celebrations)!

Urban Homme Promo - Pete

Now it's absolutely no secret why we've ramped up the activity for the Urban Icon Challenge. This coming Thursday evening is the grand finale event of the challenge, with the overall transformation winner being announced. The night promises to be very exciting, and I'm lucky enough to be able to bring my family along for the star-studded event (truth be told, I'm hoping that the cute kids might help sway the judges' decision in my favour). :)

To date, my blog posts in relation to the challenge have been very much focussed on the physical transformation (body weight and shape), but it's critical to note that this is only one part of the overall challenge and experience. The intention is actually to discover the new 'Urban Icon' - someone who displays the characteristics of the Urban Man - from the body, to the skin, grooming and overall appearance.

The work that has been done on my skin is quite breathtaking. The skillful staff at Urban Homme have literally taken years off my features - one of my colleagues actually commented the other day that I'm looking like a younger clone of the real Pete! These type of unsolicited comments (along with those around my weight loss) make me feel on top of the world! Although I do have to spoil the illusion a little by explaining that I've had some first class assistance from Urban Homme - I don't think I could have pulled something like this off on my own.

You're probably wondering by now, why this article is splattered with pictures of me looking like a promotion for Urban Homme and the Icon Challenge? Well, I think it might actually be some delusions of grandeur. You see, the results of the photo shoot at 'The Studio' were amazing, and a couple of the images kind of lend themselves (through lighting and placement) to wanting logos placed in strategic locations... so after a little playing around, these are what I came up with.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, I have my last two sessions of treatments at Urban Homme as an official icon challenger, and in a way I feel quite sad - I feel that I've developed some real friendships with the staff there, and their genuine concern with my improvement has been very moving. Let me say unequivocally, that regardless of how the results of this competition transpire, I will be continuing treatments and will unhesitatingly be referring and recommending Urban Homme to my friends and colleagues in the future.

Following below, are just a few more shots from the photo shoot on Thursday - these ones are some of my wife's favourites (I could post many, many more, but don't wish to chew up all the bandwidth - and also I don't wish to be considered too narcissistic) :)

Please come on down on Thursday night for the final event - we'd all love to see you there!!







Vivian said...

hoho.. very hot!!

Edmund said...

Hiya Pete,

Glad to have met u today on the cruise...oh wow! I did not know that u are a Male Model...But looking good mate!



Aussie Pete said...

Hey there, Ed!! Was great to meet you also... thanks for the compliment, but I've gotta be completely truthful - I don't think I'm cut out for this modelling stuff :)

Cheers buddy!!