Wednesday, November 17, 2010

US Company Hiding Their Marketing Incompetence Behind The Second Amendment

Living in Singapore, we get to see our share of (sometimes very strange) sales promotions... in fact, here gift vouchers of all varieties are the rage, with people prepared to queue for hours to get their hands on the freebies!!

But only in America, where the crazy liberal gun-laws are already the reason behind some of the largest 'murder by firearms' statistics on the planet (under the cloak of the '2nd Amendment'), would you see a truck dealership offering up a free AK-47 with every purchase of one of their vehicles.

The slogan on their website, "Buy a truck, get a free AK-47", is obviously targeted at a particular clientele, but it doesn't make it any the less scary.

By all reports in the US media, although this is not the first time such a crazy idea has been floated, this unusual promotion launched by 'Nations Trucks' in Florida (an auto dealership in the US) and set to run until the end of November, is to help the company through the tough and slow US economic recovery.

And guess what?? It's working - the dealership has sold more than double it's usual number of trucks since the promotion was announced just last week!!

The complimentary Soviet-style AK-47 assault rifle is, by all accounts, the highest-selling assault rifle of all time.

Nations Trucks are defending the campaign to some degree, by announcing that instead of handing out the guns to customers directly, the proud truck buyers are given a $ 400 voucher which can then be redeemed for the AK-47 rifle at a firearms shop located nearby the dealership.

According to the company's sales manager, Nick Ginetta, "I don’t think it sends the wrong message... we're merely allowing customers to assert their rights under the Second Amendment of the Constitution... You don’t need to buy a truck to go and buy an AK-47. You have the right to do that as long as you meet all state and federal laws. So it’s just a promotion..."

Well "no sh*t, Sherlock"!! - I wonder if Mr Ginetta will be around to console the families of one of the kids who end up getting shot and killed as a result of one of the most brainless ideas in marketing history??


Estelle Kiora said...

Haha WHY has no one commented on this? Because Singapore will never give me a free AK47 if I buy a truck? Pooeeeey

Aussie Pete said...

Hey - hi there Estelle... no, don't think it's gonna happen in Singapore somehow... :)