Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Smile… Personality, Charm… Personality

I think I'm probably throwing the lyrics of the song out there with no real respect... but this is the title that I won in the 2010 Urban Homme 'Urban Icon Challenge' - MISTER PERSONALITY!!

It's been almost 2-weeks now since the finale event at the 'Boiler Room' at the 'St James Power Station' in Singapore, and many of my friends have been asking and wondering - did I win the event or not?
Well - suspense no longer... the answer is 'no', I am not the 2010 Urban Icon. That title was handed down to Darren Ng by his adoring fan base and their votes. But there are absolutely no regrets!! I proudly walked away with one of the two judges' awards - the 'Mr Personality' of the competition... and Dennis took out the other judges' award, 'Mr Photogenic'.

But as we've said before, all of the six finalists were winners, including some now very great friends in Daniel, Emeric and Benson. By earning our spots as finalists, we have undergone quite a journey over the four weeks - and I don't need to remind all of my readers about how much weight I've lost and how much younger that I look and feel. :)

From the picture below, you will see quite clearly that I'm a fitter and leaner individual than the person that modelled for the Standee just a handful of weeks earlier:

Along with an absolute 'booty' of prizes and hidden treasures, the value of treatments that we received at the hands of Urban Homme literally totals up to tens of thousand of dollars worth!! A huge score by any measure!

So now you all know... I thoroughly recommend the Urban Icon Challenge to all of my mates out there in Singapore. This year was the inaugural year of the competition and I'm led to believe that it's been so successful that it will now become an annual event.

The follow-up attention has been great - from friends and colleagues, print media and online Vodcasts, to name a few... check out the article in this week's U-Weekly, and a very quiet 'heads up' - keep your eyes out on Men's Health Magazine over coming months in early 2011. Shhhh... that one's a secret!! :)

Finally, all thanks to OMY - please enjoy the Vodcast from the finale event... Until next year - keep up the grooming and presentation guys!! Cheers!!

Along with my wife (who was interviewed on the night), and my wonderful friends and supporters (and OMY bloggers), it was great to have my great mate and colleague, Pierre, along to support me!:

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