Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Video Exclusive - Shameful Act Of Israeli Soldier Against Palestinian Woman

Human rights groups have come out and said that a set of photographs released six weeks ago were "clear evidence of a culture within the (Israeli) military that treated Palestinians as objects rather than human beings". The images portrayed an Israeli soldier smiling and playing around next to blindfolded and handcuffed Palestinian prisoners. The Palestinian Authority described the pictures as 'humiliating".

Therefore, I expect a similar outrage from this latest video to surface on YouTube - An Israeli soldier dancing and gyrating around a clearly terrified female Palestinian prisoner who is tied and also blindfolded.

The army has branded the Israeli commando's actions as "SHAMEFUL".

The editor of the video seems to think of himself as some kind of comedian, by annotating the clip with a speech bubble rising from the prisoner's mouth - translated, it reads "Allahu Akbar" - Arabic for "God is Greatest."

The Israeli military has ordered an investigation into the video that was first aired on local Israeli TV.

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