Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Obsessed Businessman - Made His Ex-Girlfriend Into A Sex Doll

WTH! - This has got be one of the most unhealthy obsessions I've ever heard of!!

In many countries, people can be charged with stalking if they display overly obsessive behaviour when trying to come to terms with getting dumped by their partner... I wonder if there is any legislation anywhere that covers the actions of this particular weirdo?? Obviously not in Italy, that's for sure!!

An unnamed 50-year old businessman was so messed up after his girlfriend broke up with him, that he engaged well-known Italian adult toymaker Diego Bortolin to have an (almost exact) replica of her made into a life size sex doll. He paid in excess of S$20,000 for the privilege.

According to Italy's Il Messaggero newspaper, the obsessed guy provided a collection of photos of his exgirlfriend and said that he wanted it just like her, but with bigger breasts and a 'curvier' behind.

Mr Bortolin's shop in Treviso, Italy is called "Temptations", and he manufactures the real-life dolls in a factory at the rear of the store.

A normal doll created by Mr Bortolin would usually cost around $US5000, but the ex-girlfriend of the the heartbroken businessman (which weighs approximately 58kg and is 1.6 metres tall) cost much more because he requested everything to be replicated exactly - even the shape of her nails and teeth. The finished product is completely flexible and can mimic every movement and position of a real person.

OK - Let me verbalize what you're all thinking - SICKO!!!


Anonymous said...

wow ! interesting . now thats what i call an obsession

The Bimbo said...

EWWWEWWWWWW *sicko x 10* I wonder how she feels.

Aussie Pete said...

Yeh... I know - really makes the skin crawl! Although it does remind me of a very funny Seinfeld episode involving Elaine and an obsessed department store manequin designer. :p

carouser said...

As Samuel Beckett, the famous absurdist playwright once said; “tragedy is the moment you don’t know whether to laugh or cry.”

I’m still trying to figure out which one I want to do…