Sunday, August 29, 2010

Actual Video Of A Ghost - How Scared Would You Be?

So just as I pick myself up from the floor after rolling about in absolute fits of laughter, I cannot help but feel a little but sorry for this guy who was the 'punkee' in one of the Syfy 'Scare Tactics' pranks.

Imagine this - you are asked to babysit a little girl, who's sister recently passed away after being horribly electrocuted. The youngster being babysat, explains that she 'talks' with her dead sibling - not longer after, the haunting begins... to the sheer terror of the unfortunate child minder, items in the house move of their own free will, white noise on TV creates actual moments of communication with the dead, and finally it all culminates with the deceased making a full appearance.

Although this poor guy will most probably require some serious counselling from all of this, I cannot help but laugh until I'm almost crying... watch this :)

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