Thursday, August 5, 2010

Teen Sells Virginity for £200,000 - WTH!

Now this is something that I'm sure would have made her family very proud.... NOT!! :(

An 18-year old Hungarian girl known only as 'Miss Spring' first launched her bizarre 'sale item' on eBay - her family was so deeply in debt and close to losing their home, that she sought what she saw as their only way out - auctioning off her virginity!

The item was quickly removed by eBay authorities once they twigged to what was going on with this 'out of the ordinary' transaction, but not before a fierce bidding war had begun. The teen then continued the auction via email.

The bidding heated up between a British man and another from Ireland. The winner was the Brit, with the final sale price of a cool £200,000 (around S$430,000 at today's exchange rate).

'Miss Spring' tried to justify her actions with the following statements:

"My family has debts, we cannot afford to pay them. My mother borrowed a lot of money in Swiss Francs, and now with the credit crunch in Hungary the repayments in Hungarian forints have tripled, she couldn't pay it back.... We faced losing our home and being on the street. I want to be able to pay back those loans - that's why I came up with the idea for this auction.... It is not such a lot of money for what is on offer, considering half will vanish in tax, but it will be enough to pay of my debts and leave us clear... I was in contact with two final bidders - the Irish guy and the British guy. Both wanted me to come to them. I chose the British guy. He was very sympathetic to my cause... Both men wanted to marry me take care of me and my family. But for me this was supposed to be a one off thing. Getting married and living with someone is a challenge I am not sure I am yet ready for... However I would really like the opportunity to go to Britain or Ireland. So who knows."

WTH!! - She has to pay tax??

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Sariyanta said...

that strange, she has to pay tax until half of them.... wow so in the place she lives, prostitution is legal? hohohohohohoohates