Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fancy Getting Run Over By A Bus? - It's The Future!

* Video of the 'Straddling Bus' Concept presentation below

Masterminded by "Shenzhen Hashi Future Parking Equipment", the "3D Fast Bus" (being touted as the 'Straddling Bus') has already passed the first stage demonstration, and the company has received it's first order for the wierd-looking, but strangely quite logical, solution to traffic congestion.

Construction of the 186km route will begin this year in Beijing’s Mentougou District.

Not only efficient for commuters, the Fast Bus (which really only travels around 60km/h) will be powered by a combination of solar power and electricity.

The idea was first presented publically in May this year at the 13th Beijing International High-Tech Expo. The fast bus is designed to be around 4.5m high and it will allow traffic to flow underneath it. According to Shenzhen Hashi, it will reduce traffic jams by about 30%.

Other advantages to the solution, inlcude costing just 10% of what it would cost to build a similar subway system and within a third of the time.

Some of the potential proplems have already been addressed... the Fast Bus will most likely use ultrasonic waves and laser rays attached to both ends to alert the fast bus driver to any hazards, including the potential of coming to grief with a truck that might be taller than the maximum clearance height of the huge vehicle.

For other drivers, there will be red flashing lights to warn if the futuristic vehicle is about to make a turn or if they are driving too close to the interior walls of the fast bus.

Sometimes the rate of technology advancment in our world today is just mind-boggling.

Original Source: China Hush


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