Sunday, July 18, 2010

Poisonous Raw Snake (For A Wager) - Special Food Report

I think I may actually be a couple of days behind in catching up with this news, so for those of you who also missed the story, let me share this feat of sheer stupidity bravery with you!!

By all accounts, 35 year-old Zaver Rathod was not actually hungry, rather he swallowed a highly poisonous snake for a bet with his mates - worth just a few Singapore dollars.

After the highly venomous reptile allegedly bit one of his friends (Sanjay), Rathod, in a fit of rage, killed the (unidisclosed type of) snake by throwing stones at it. This all happened in Surat (in the eastern state of Gujurat, India).

This is when things became somewhat strange - it seems that the testosterone perhaps kicked in - encouraged by his other friends, Rathod then proceeded to eat the entire snake raw for the 100 Rupee bet (at today's exchange rate, that's around S$2.94).

Surprise, surprise - the farm labourer soon felt very sick indeed, and was rushed to the hospital with a severe case of nausea and vomiting.

Doctors did manage to remove the snake from his stomach before the venom could enter his blood stream, which according to 'The Times of India' would almost certainly have proved fatal. The same doctors expect a full recovery.


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Anonymous said...

This fellow is 35 years old? Tough life, possibly made more difficult due to his decision making skills?