Monday, July 12, 2010

Mixed Kids Of The World - Official Launch (Cannot Be Missed)

(A ‘Facebook’ for Families)

To all my fans, subscribers and readers - I implore you - this is something that you can just NOT pass up - be sure to read on and join in the fun!! If you are fan of the Aussie Pete blog, then there is absolutely no excuse not to become a member of this new networking site for free!! (and perhaps even share in some goodies along the way)... it is entirely my project and is not being used as any kind of money-making machine. Nor is this an advertorial!!

Many of my readers have emailed me asking me about the 'Mixed Kids of the World' link on the sidebar of my blog - moreso, they ask me why I 'highly recommend' it. Well now that I've finished up a couple of other things, I can proudly spend some more time on this project, and I'm glad to be able to share what it's all about!!

So let's call this the 'official launch' of 'Mixed Kids of the World'!!

You see, one of my (many) flaws, is that my brain cannot stay idle for very long... so much to the disdain of my family, even when I'm on vacation I tend to have a number of 'mini projects' going on in parallel. This is great for the creative juices, but not very good for my sleep patterns.

A few weeks ago, I started sharing this 'new' website around a few social networks to gather the level of interest. Amazingly, with very little work, the site already has 34 active members from eight(8) countries and the networking has begun.

So what's it all about and how can you get involved?? - I'm glad you asked... :)

Mixed Kids Of The World was at first designed to celebrate and bring together familes of mixed heritage. As the world we live in gets ever small through globalization, the merging and blending of rich cultures and diverse backgrounds is also growing exponentially. With our members’ help, we aim to gather momentum and increase exposure to the richness of diversity through celebration events, photos and video sharing and open and candid discussion.

Your family does not need to be mixed racially or culturally to join us. For example, here in Singapore alone, families mix every day with families of different background or heritage... so PLEASE feel free to register as a member and join in the fun!! (no costs, no spam, and definitely no pressure).

Once a member, you can upload pictures and videos, create galleries, share through Facebook and other social networks, leave comments, chat live, take part in forums, create friends lists, play online games, and much, much more... it really is a 'Facebook for Families'!!

But we will be going one step further - once the membership numbers reach ceritical mass, we will be organizing for members to attend outings and social gatherings. At least locally, if not perhaps even an annual international event.



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