Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Who Is The Monkey King? - Shot Entirely In Singapore - Globetrotter Official Video

Who is "The Monkey King"? No, I'm not talking about Sun Wukong, friend of Zhu Bajie in the classic Chinese tale, 'Journey To The West' (西遊記). The Monkey King that I'm talking about is the ultra-cool Japanese rapper with a British accent. A man "hell bent on taking Asian Hip-Hop from Singapore to the world stage".

According to his website (under the independent record label, '1OR8FACTION' - consisting of Singaporean DJs and Rappers from Japan and Korea), "he was born in England, and moving around countries such as Germany, Japan and Singapore, has given Monkey King a musical style that epitomizes the 'hybrid' Asian: Mix-Cultured, Ambitious and Street Smart".

His latest video clip was filmed entirely on location in Singapore... it's called "Globetrotter" and is set to be a huge hit - Check it out!!



Anonymous said...

Is that Changi Airport?

Steve K said...

I've been following Monkey King. Very talented guy.

Jerry said...

His stuff is pretty good, talented.