Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Read My Lips! - I Am NOT The Kidney King!!

I have now received the phone numbers and email addresses from over 300 people wanting me to help them sell one of their kidneys!! What began as a 'tongue in cheek' article I wrote in June, 2008 about two Indonesian men who were charged for selling one each of their vital organs to Singaporean recipients continues to haunt me - "Need Cash Fast? Why Not Sell A Kidney On The Singapore Black Market? - Going Rate About $22,000!"

After receiving dozens of comments of 'offers to sell' through comments on the news aggregator 'Zimbio', I was prompted in April, 2009 to write a follow-up article, "Please Stop Offering To Sell Me Your Organs - I Don't Want To Buy Them"...

It is now late June, 2010 - about two years since the first article - and I now feel very saddened by the continual barrage of comments and attempts at contact on this issue. Not saddened for myself, but for the needy and infirm - when reading many of the communications, the reasons for people reaching out to try and make this sale are very broad ranging, the most common being men and women who need money desperately to survive and feed their children, or to pay for medical treatment for terminally ill relatives.

Every week I need to moderate at least five to ten comments on this very blog (I refuse to publish any of them) from people who are prepared to publically declare their private telephone numbers and email addresses.

At the news aggregator, Zimbio, I do not have control over comments. There are currently also in excess of 110 comments there, from people offering organs.

I know of no other way to get this message across, so if you happen to google how to sell you kidney and come across this article, please heed my advice and move on to another URL. I cannot help you.

I Am NOT The Kidney King!!


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