Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Aussie Pete Goes Mobile!!

Well, I've finally jumped into the future of mobile web browsing. Now, whenever you navigate to aussiepete.com with your handheld device, you will automatically be navigated to a specially designed and formatted mobile version of the Aussie Pete blog.

Taking the inspiration (and technology) from the widgetbox network, it was actually quite simple to do... and boy , does it ever look neat!!

One of the biggest things I was worried about when going mobile, was the fact that many of the 'interactive' type components within my site (eg. embedded videos) would not be shown within the browser. But with the widgetbox solution, when a reader navigates to a particular article, they have the option to view the full article - this then opens the traditional 'full' site, but still embedded within the mobile URL (and mobile navigation controls are still available at the top of the safari browser). COOL!!

So there you go - the best of both worlds. The really neat and modern formatting for mobile browsing, but with the full functionality of the 'legacy' site - I even managed to get a plug and link in there (on the welcome page) to vote for me in the OMY Blog Awards :p

The cost to utilize the widgetbox mobile site builder solution? Absolutely 'NADA'!! FREE!!

So check it out now... grab your iPhone, open your web browser and navigate to www.aussiepete.com and enjoy the mobile experience!!


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