Monday, May 31, 2010

Facebook Led to Murder (Video Included)

With all the news recently around Privacy settings in Facebook, it's important to note that all the option boxes in the world will not stop predators if you are too trusting in people. Along with this is the common-sense required when dealing with any kind of social networking.

This week brings the tragic story of 18-year old Sydney girl, Nona Belomesoff who paid the ultimate price from meeting up with 20-year old Christopher Dannevig, whom she met on Facebook.

Nona's body was discovered in a creek southwest of Sydney two days after she went to meet her new "friend" (May 14).

As a part of Dannevig's devious plan, he created a fake Facebook page for an animal rights organization. He knew Nona was an animal lover, and convinced her that she would be able to get a job with this fictitious animal welfare group. Even Nona's family were aware of the intended meeting, but also believed Dannevig was offering Nona a genuine opportunity.

On the day of the meeting, Nona Belomesoff was due to meet Dannevig and an 'imaginary' colleague. She was not seen alive again.

According to Carrie Eckles of Helium.com - "Unfortunately, Nona’s story isn’t that uncommon. There have been other cases of children and teens lured and killed by people they met on the internet. Minors are almost routinely propositioned by deviants on social networking sites and other media. Common sense tells most children to stay away from adults who proposition them; Nona’s case, however, illustrates a chilling fact: people on the internet aren’t necessarily who they say they are. Sometimes, it’s very difficult to discern whether or not a person is genuine; in the case of online strangers, it’s always better to be safe rather than sorry – something that the Belomesoff family now knows firsthand."

Such a very, very sad story indeed.




Anonymous said...

so sad for her family and so scary for everyone on FB

Concerned Mother said...

This is an important message for everyone, especially parents. Be diligent, keep track of what your kids are doing online! Poor poor girl. :)