Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Surf The Web and Become A Subject Matter Expert - Right?

Everybody knows that if you want to know the truth behind anything, then you just need to search it on Wikipedia - then of course you'll be a Subject Matter Expert! Just like if you want to participate in very daring and extreme activities, just check out an instructional video or two on YouTube!!

Of course, I jest! Kids, don't try this at home!!

One British guy (now why doesn't that surprise me?) took the option of saving money, by 'training' himself in the extreme sport of paragliding through instructional YouTube video clips.

But let's give poor 45-year old Roy Chapman a break - he was also "halfway" through a book about paragliding and had just bought all the equipment he needed online for about £300. How more prepared does someone need to be before gambling with death?

Oh - wait a moment, he doesn't need us to give him a 'break'. The meeting between his mortal body and the ground already provided him with two broken vertabrae (double the luck). He's now awaiting surgery.

Unfortunately his wife had to witness her dare-devil husband plummeting 12 metres before landing heavily on his backside, breaking his back in two places. He was then flown by military helicopter to Newcastle General Hospital in Northern England. What is unknown is why he tethered his equipment to a STATIONARY car... the wind picks up and dies down... just like a human rollercoaster without the tracks.

A very embarrassed Mr Dixon made the understatement of the century from his hospital bed - "I was new to it and quite foolish". RIGHT ON, MR DIXON!!!!


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