Thursday, May 27, 2010

Assaulting A Dead Man - So Brave!

I'm guessing that this is the act of someone with no courage. Instead of taking his anger out on someone who might be able to fight back, 35-year old Muhamad-Ali Mahmod decided to attack his elderly neighbour's deceased son!! All I can say, is "What The Hell"???

On March 18th this year, the unemployed 'brave' man entered the apartment of his 72-year old neighbour in Tampines, obviously with no invitation. The dear old Uncle and his family were holding prayers in their living room over his late son's body as a part of their particular faith's funeral process.

Muhamad-Ali then began strangling and slapping the corpse!!

Last Friday at his court hearing, the crazy man was sentenced to a total of 30-weeks in jail, which are consecutive sentences applied for the 'assault' along with a variety of other crimes spanning over about 6-months.

The list of offences for which he was convicted, include (but not limited to), theft of a mobile phone, theft of a motor vehicle, drug-related offences (including 'misuse of intoxicating substances' - specifically inhaling toluene, which is used in paints and thinners), offering indignity to a human corpse and last but not least, carnal connection - I don't know the details, but just how did he get away with just 30-weeks for that one!??

Anyway, let's hope that in prison he gets some serious dependency counselling, pysychotherapy and, of course, some other "extra-curricula" encouragement from his cellmates!!

My thoughts go out to his neighbour and their family!!


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