Monday, May 17, 2010

Most Hated TV Commercial In Over A Decade

Blatant "portrayal of sex, nudity or gender discrimination" - but of course you can see the ad here on Aussie Pete blog :)

The Nando's commercial that features a mother pole-dancing topless (wearing just a g-string) is the most complained about ad in the last ten years. After finishing dancing, she then serves a chicken dinner to her children. What the??!!

The Advertising Standards Bureau received over 350 complaints since it first aired on TV back in 2007... more complaints than any other TV commercial since 1998.

Second most complained about ad, was the Mentos Ice chewing gum commercial (where a man's nipples extend after eating a mint). Followed closely by the Advanced Medical Institute anti-smoking campaign (with billboards displaying a woman's rotting mouth).

The key complaint brought about by the Nando's commercial, was due to "portrayal of sex, nudity or gender discrimination".

The complaints did nothing to dissuade the media. All complaints against the ad were dismissed by the ASB.

Watch The TV Commercial Here:


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