Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cause of Death - Toilet Brush In The Butt!

The idea of death to me is a very scary thing. But of all the ways to exit this world, I think this would have to be one of the worst (and I suspect) most uncomfortable ways to go - Death caused by a toilet brush embedded in your buttock!!

I've been nominated again in the OMY 2010 blog awards in the WTH ("What The Hell") category - how fitting for this particular article??

There has been much inuendo and suggestion of wrong-doing by medical staff at the judicial investigation into the death of 35-year old Cindy Corton. This young mother died after doctors failed to notice a 15cm-long toilet brush handle embedded in her buttock.

By all accounts, the drama began back in 2005, when Ms Corton was drunk and fell in a friend's bathroom.

A full two years later, doctors discovered the thin serrated plastic handle stuck in the flesh of her bottom. By this time it was too late to remove the foreign object through routine procedure. Any attempts to extract it medically were fraught with danger because the handle had become embedded in her pelvis.

After two unsuccessful operations in 2007 she underwent her third (and final) surgery last year (2009) in June. She spent 10 hours in the operating theatre at Queens Medical Centre (Nottingham, central England) before passing away from massive blood loss.

Ms Corton's 61-year old husband (Peter) is taking legal action against United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust, claiming that the medical staff made "serious errors" by not noticing such a "significant foreign object". He said, "OK she was drunk but they didn't take her seriously. She showed them the wound but they didn't do a proper examination... I think it was probably down to the hospitals trying to save money and doing things as cheaply as possible."

As the song goes... "HOW BIZARRE, HOW BIZARRE!!"


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