Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Only Four Chords Needed For Every Pop Song

For anyone who plays a musical instrument, this is probably nothing new, and I've seen variations (even a competition) based on this phenomenon. But never have I seen it portrayed in such a very clever and ROFL way.

For those who don't play an instrument, but just enjoy music for it's therapeutic value, you might feel a bit disappointed in this video... perhaps you've thought before things like "wow, the writer of that song is a genious", or "that artist's music is just so unique" - well think again, my friends. A message to the music industry - we're all right on to you and your tricks!!

At the 2009 Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Aussie musical comedy act "The Axis Of Awesome" contended that the same four chords (played in the same progression) have been used for nearly every pop song for the last forty years!!

WARNING: A couple of 'F' bombs in this video - do NOT play it loud enough for the young kids to hear and defintely do NOT play at full volume in the office!!


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