Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Australian 2010 Top 10 Beach Babes - Zoo Weekly

Not one to just post pictures of pretty girls for the sake of it, I'm going a little out of my blog's comfort zone in today's article.

For those readers of mine that are easily offended, perhaps you should close your browser now and accept my sincere apologies.

But for those of you who appreciate aesthetically pleasing things in life, read on and check out the photos of Zoo Weekly's Top 10 Finalists in the Australian 2010 Beach Babes Competition.

The finalists (in no particular order):
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Sally, 25
Event Sales and Marketing Manager, Alice Springs, NT

"I always wear a G-string on the beach — it shows off the shape of my bum nicely"

Marta, 22
Sales Manager, Park Central, NSW

"My ultimate fantasy is to join the mile-high club"

Melanie, 26
Events Manager/Model, Gladesville, NSW

"The only time I went to a nudist beach it was full of 80-year-olds strutting around without a care in the world"

Shannah, 19
Bartender, Gold Coast, QLD

"I’ve never been to a nudist beach, but I’ve been nude at a beach. Does that count?"

Gabriela, 26
Hostess/Cocktail Waitress, Waterloo, NSW

"I wear a Brazilian-style bikini so I don’t get a bad tan line. I never look cheap, though — just enough a*** but still plenty of class!"

Natasha, 21
Personal Assistant, Werribee, VIC

"The best way to get a guy’s attention at the beach is to ask them to help tighten up my bikini top"

Jessica 19
Barista/Model, Gosford, NSW

"To get a guy’s attention all I normally have to do is walk out of the water"

Tijen, 21
Student, Canterbury, VIC

"The sexiest part of my body is my stomach because it’s nice and toned"

Inga, 23
Accountant, Perth, WA

"I rarely go topless but I’ve had it come off before on a jet-ski"

Temika, 22
Childcare Worker, Moranbah, QLD

"I never go topless at the beach because my girls burn too easily and sunburn is unattractive"


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