Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Global Warming Hits Singapore? Driest, Hottest Month In History!

As many locations around the world are experiencing some very unseasonal and extreme climates, whether you blame it on Global Warming or blame it on El Nino - no matter the reason, February 2010 was the driest month in recorded history for Singapore.

A total of only 6.3mm of rain fell for the entire month... this is the lowest data point for any month since 1869 (when records first started being kept).

According to the NEA (National Environment Agency), February 2010 also saw the hottest day - 35°C on Friday, 26th.

The outlook remains the same with the NEA forecasting the first half of March to be mainly dry, with below average rainful expected.

Prior to this new 'dry' record, the driest Februaries in history were in 1968 and 2005 respectively - a total of 8.4mm of rain was written in the books in both of these Months.

Temperatures this week will stay up around 34°C and an extended heatwave is forecast for the next couple of months.

According to Associate Professor Matthias Roth of the NUS, "March and April generally mark the drier tail-end of the of the north-east monsoon season... and with the El Nino effect expected to last till May, the net effect would be relatively dry, warm conditions for the coming couple of months".

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