Monday, February 22, 2010

Feng Shui Creates Instant Millionaire

An ex-policeman from Sydney was so down on his luck that he could really be considered the true "Little Aussie Battler".

"I had lost a fair bit of money" said the 50-something un-named man.

After reading an article about Feng Shui, the retired bachelor decided to glue a gold coin to his doorstep for good luck. He said he was "pretty embarrassed about it at the time."

However his efforts were not in vain... shortly after, he picked the winning ticket in the latest BoysTown charity lotto - first prize being a luxury house on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland worth more than A$1.2 million.

But wait - there's more!! Because he bought four tickets (at $15 each), he received an extra 'book buyer's prize'. The bonus offered him a choice between an Audi sportscar or A$75,000 worth of gold bullion!!

The man has decided to cash it all in - he has chosen the gold, and will sell it along with the house.

He believes that without a doubt, the stroke(s) of luck are all as a result of the gold coin on his doorstep.

He actually followed the Feng Shui advice back in November last year, and prior to this latest windfall, he also picked up two separate lotto prizes totalling more than $1000.

NB: The BoysTown Lotteries raise funds for its charitable services to help people in need across Australia. These services include 'Kids Helpline', employment and training services, and homeless and domestic violence refuges.


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