Saturday, March 13, 2010

Forget Beatlemania - These Days It's Brandmania!

I've visited many of the warehouse sales and various 'exhibitions' in Singapore. There is no mistaking the fact that we have to expect huge crowds and long queues, but at least in general Singaporeans are somewhat orderly when it comes to these type of 'sale' events.

I cannot say the same about the ladies in France, however... the following video is taken from the opening of a new H&M store in Toulouse. Strangely enough, my wife was not shocked by the footage like I was - merely a 'so what' and shrug of the shoulders... am I missing something here?

According to the Youtube information on this chaos:

"They waited for hours on the opening of the new clothing store and then spilled inside, destroying everything. The protagonists of this video footage taken during the inauguration of the first H&M store in Toulouse, France, are all customers waiting to buy the limited edition collection of garments designed by Sonia Rychiel for the Swedish chain".


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