Monday, March 15, 2010

Ask, Answer and Win Your Dream Holiday!

This is just one of the prizes that can be won just by asking or answering a question! It couldn't be simpler...

LIVE @SG is now just that - it's gone live!

The team at the official 'Gateway to Singapore' have launched the new web portal where anyone can ask a question about Singapore, or post an answer to someone else's question. It's huge fun, extremely informative, and offers anyone the opportunity to travel for free.

There's another scoop here! - as a part of LIVE @SG, some well known local and expat 'celebrities' have been brought in as 'Guest Participants' - and you get to interact with these folk at the portal... one of the Guest Participants is none other than Aussie Pete. I couldn't be more honoured.

Check out all the Guest Participants here

Go ahead - visit the site and ask me a question!!

Here's how it works:

Individuals who post the best question and answer respectively will stand a chance to win a pair of free air tickets when they participate on LIVE @SG from 15 March to 15 April 2010.

The questions and answers will be voted by fellow participants. The more votes each entry receives, the higher the chances of winning.

Other prizes such as autographed copies of author Neil Humphreys' latest book, Match Fixer, and www.sg premiums will also be given out to 50 lucky participants.



Jo said...

This is great. I submitted a question Pete. Can you answer and vote for me? I wanna win.

Helen said...

I saw a question - who is the best known expat - someone said 'Stamford Raffles', someone else said 'Aussie Pete is cute' ha ha