Monday, February 8, 2010

Sharing The Love For Valentine's Day

As Valentine's Day approaches again, it's a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the beautiful life that Sammi has provided for me. This year will be our fifth Valentine's Day together...

I guess one thing that actually makes this time of year difficult, is the ability to continue to be creative in the gifts that I give. So when I received an email from Reebonz asking me to 'Share the Love', the idea of once again embedding the 'trailer' of our Shanghai wedding from 2006 got my 'romantic blood' flowing.

By embedding the short Youtube video, not only can the newest readers and subscribers of Aussie Pete blog witness what my friends and long-term followers have already seen, but by also sharing with everyone what I think would be a brilliant present for Sammi, I stand the chance of winning it for her.

So without ado, here is what would have to be considered the most romantic day of my life!! I never get tired of watching it... the memory is so vivid, that I feel like I'm re-living the moment over and over again!!

Happy Valentine's Day, my love!!

Now For The Gift... after looking at many branded items available, the one that caught my eye (and made Sammi swoon a little when she looked at the picture), is a beautiful 'Prada' Necklace and Keychain. Not only do the items look very elegant, the mere mention of the Prada label ensures a confidence in quality second to none.

Finally, dear readers and subscribers - go out and Share Some Love Of Your Own!!


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Anonymous said...

That is so romantic. U and your wife are very lucky people!